Dec. News: Hopkins Corridor Virtual Meeting on Dec. 12 & More

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Hopkins Corridor Virtual Meeting on Mon., Dec. 12

The City Public Works Department is holding a virtual community workshop this Mon., Dec. 12 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. to consider ideas for improving transportation safety along Hopkins Street from Gilman to San Pablo.

Consistent with the Berkeley Climate Action Plan and Vision Zero Action Plan to eliminate fatal and severe traffic crashes, the project seeks to:

  • Improve safety for people biking and walking along Hopkins Street
  • Provide easier access by bike and on foot to destinations along Hopkins Street

Hopkins Street. Photo: Libby Lee-Egan

Residents who live within 600 feet of the proposed project area should receive the following postcard in the mail about the meeting:

Background: Councilmember Sophie Hahn (District 5) introduced a Council item in January 2018 requesting study of the District 5 portion of Hopkins from Gilman to Sutter.

The item highlights two fatalities in the area:

“In 2017, the City of Berkeley experienced two fatalities as a result of car accidents involving pedestrians or cyclists. Both occurred in the heavily trafficked Hopkins/Sacramento/Monterey corridor (the “Hopkins Street Corridor”), one at the intersection of Hopkins and Monterey involving a pedestrian, and the other on Sacramento Avenue near Hopkins, involving a cyclist. These tragedies are just two of the most recent and deadly incidents in this busy area, and highlight the need for a comprehensive traffic study of the Hopkins Street Corridor.”

After an extensive community input process spanning more than a year, the Council voted in May 2022 to proceed with a conceptual plan to enhance pedestrian and bike safety on Hopkins from Gilman to Sutter. During the community input phase, I heard from District 1 residents who were disappointed that the District 1 segment of Hopkins was never included in the study area; this decision was made prior to my Council tenure, as Councilmember Hahn submitted her item in January 2018.

October Council Action to Review Hopkins Plan and Collect More Data: In October, the Council chose to collect more data on parking impacts in the commercial segment of Hopkins. The Council unanimously requested that our Public Works staff conduct the following:

  • Parking Study. The study will consider current conditions and impacts of proposed changes on people traveling to the area by all modes, including on foot, bicycle, transit, truck (including semi-with trailer), wheelchair, taxi/rideshare, and those arriving by vehicle. Needs of individuals with limited mobility will also be considered and addressed.
  • Customer Survey. This intercept-type study will be used to understand how residents and visitors currently access the study area and how transportation mode choices might change with different conditions.
  • Review of Alternative Routes. Staff will provide a report on other safe bike facility options, including potential benefits and constraints for the Ada bypass, Hopkins/Rose combination, and Hopkins one-way uphill.

With these studies, the Council and the public will have accurate data on the availability of parking in the area and full information on the viability of alternative bike routes. This information will be presented to the Council on January 31.

Meeting on Mon., Dec. 12 for District 1 Segment of Hopkins: Throughout the lengthy community input process for the District 5 portion of Hopkins, I heard from residents of District 1 who wanted the lower portion of Hopkins to also receive consideration for possible bike and pedestrian improvements. The meeting on Mon., Dec. 12 will give residents an opportunity to provide input on what, if any, bike and pedestrian improvements can be implemented from Gilman to San Pablo when Hopkins is paved next summer 2023. If you cannot attend the meeting on Monday, the issue will be discussed by the Transportation and Infrastructure Commission on Thurs., Jan. 19, and you can provide input during that meeting. You can also share your input with me: or 510-981-7110.

Provide Input on Ohlone Park Restroom

Thanks to the Measure T1 infrastructure bond, the City is planning to improve lighting, install a permanent restroom, and make various other improvements in Ohlone Park.

The City is currently collecting feedback on your top two restroom locations and your preferred prefab restroom model through Mon., Jan. 2.

Ohlone Park.

You can review the restroom locations and prefab restroom models HERE, and then e-mail your preferences and any other comments to Assistant Civil Engineer Stacey Rutherford (